Thursday, February 16, 2012

Off-hook alerting configuration on UCM

This is one of the common compliance clause in RFP (especially hotel, hospital) which requires off-hook alerting, which means after the phone has been off-hook for a time that expires the "Off-hook to First Digit Timer, by default 15s", a call will be placed automatically to a predefined number, usually an operator number.  You can achieve it by creating PLAR on UCM, unchecking the "Urgent Priority" in the empty translation pattern.  Here is the example on how it can be done:

1. Create a partition called PT-FOR-PLAR (for translation pattern), PT-TO-PLAR (for destination phone)
2. Create a CSS called CSS-FOR-PLAR, and include the PT-FOR-PLAR partition.  Or simply include this partition to your existing phone CSS.  
3. Apply CSS-FOR-PLAR to the phone if you haven't done so.
4. Create another CSS called CSS-TO-PLAR, which includes the partition PT-TO-PLAR
5. Create a translation pattern with empty pattern.  The partition is PT-FOR-PLAR, and the CSS is PT-TO-PLAR.  The called party transformation is configured with the number of your destinated called party number.  Say for example my operator number is 1234, the called party transformation prefix is 1234.  Remember to "uncheck" the "Urgent Priority" so that the call will not setup immediately, instead it will wait for the time that is configured in "Off-hook to First Digit Timer".
6. Your operator DN 1234 should have partition PT-TO-PLAR or other partition in CSS-TO-PLAR

The experience is when you put your phone off-hook, after 15 sec, call will be made automatically to operator 1234.

For more information about PLAR configuration, please visit the previous post:

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