Friday, February 3, 2012

Save energy with Energywise

I am using a 3560-8PC PoE switch in my home lab and in order to save my electric bill, energywise has been implemented on the switchport in order to turn off the PoE power in the hours that I don't need it.

Example:  To turn on the PoE power every morning at 8am and turn off at 10pm.

interface FastEthernet0/7

 energywise level 10 recurrence importance 100 at 0 8 * * *
 energywise level 0 recurrence importance 100 at 0 22 * * *

Also I have written a web page to override this behavior, by triggering the expect script on my Linux box, details can be referred by this old post:

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Tim Frazee said...

check out this cisco doc that details ios and hardware requirements needed for EW